IASC | International Association of Skateboard Companies
State of Skate

The new hub of skateboard industry research, StateOfSkate.com is launching in 2016.
Access for IASC Premium members is free.

Up until now there has been no place to go for a comprehensive look at skateboard industry market research. By partnering with the relevant researchers in our space and undertaking our own proprietary studies, IASC will be compiling the most complete set of industry insights available at StateOfSkate.com. Launching in 2016, access will be free for IASC Premium members and other IASC Members paying more than $500 in annual dues.


The goal of our research program is to give our members the insights they need to grow their companies in today’s ever changing and challenging business environment. The end result being an informed and robust skateboard industry that is good for skateboarders and the businesses that support them worldwide. State of Skate is an evolving process, if there is something you’d like to see addressed in our program please let us know.


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