IASC | International Association of Skateboard Companies

Our Mission

The mission of the IASC is to represent the global skateboarding community with a united voice by listening, understanding and acting on the needs of skateboarders and the skateboard industry. IASC’s goals are to promote skateboarding, increase participation, educate and save our members money.

IASC serves its members and the skateboarding community by focusing on areas that affect not only the business but the overall sustainability and health of skateboarding as a whole.
Our current focus is to grow the State of Skate website into the research hub for the industry, work to impart the value of skateboarding’s DIY culture to cities around the world, expand the Just One Board initiative, make the 9th Annual IASC Skateboarding Summit and the 6th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame the best events yet and celebrate skateboarding around the world on the 13th Annual Go Skateboarding Day, June 21, 2016.
Formed in 1995, IASC is a diverse group of skateboard manufacturers, distributors, contest organizers, private skateparks, and individuals. A collaboration of people passionate about skateboarding- with the single aim of protecting the integrity of skateboarding and pushing skateboarding forward on a global level.