IASC | International Association of Skateboard Companies
Member Benefits
Healthy Skateboarding Community = Healthy Skateboarding Business

The mission of the IASC is to represent the global skateboarding community with a united voice by listening, understanding and acting on the needs of skateboarders and the skateboard industry. IASC’s goals are to promote skateboarding, increase participation, educate and save our members money. In creating a platform for open collaboration between skateboard companies and industry participants, IASC serves its members and the skateboarding community by addressing areas that affect not only the business but the overall sustainability and health of skateboarding as a whole.

Service Providers

IASC works to provide cost-saving resources to members at every level. IASC contracts with a growing roster of service providers to save you time and money in every aspect of your business.

Industry Research

With our State of Skate website launching in 2016, IASC is taking the lead in creating a research hub for the skateboard industry. Quarterly top-line reports on industry trends will be complimentary for IASC members. Deeper data dives will be available at discounted prices through our industry research partners. We’ll also be undertaking our own research initiatives to fill in the blanks in skateboard industry data.


Relevant new items that affect the skateboard community and your business are brought to you monthly in the IASC Newsletter. With our skateboard industry events, updates on the issues skateboarders face and the progress we’ve made, the newsletter connects our members and keeps them informed.


Now in our 9th year, the IASC Skateboarding Summit has become the premiere industry education and networking event. Experts from both within and outside the skateboard industry gather for two days in May to give business leaders new perspectives, insight and the knowledge they need to grow their companies in today’s challenging environment.

IASC members are industry leaders who represent skateboarding. They are people who support skateboarding, and the wealth of knowledge from the largest most established to the new growing companies, is unparalleled. IASC brings you together in collaboration with over 100 participating brands.