IASC | International Association of Skateboard Companies
DIY or Die

DIY is the heart of skateboarding culture. We’re working with cities to bridge the understanding gap and support creation and preservation of DIY skate spots.

From the first skateboarders attaching roller skate wheels to 2x4s in the 1940s, to the humble beginnings of Burnside over two decades ago, to kids in Istanbul fashioning primitive skateboards out of whatever parts they can find, skateboarding is and has always been about doing it yourself.
IASC is embarking on a mission to communicate the value of the DIY skateboarding experience to municipalities and other regulatory bodies who in their lack of understanding, fear of legal repercussions and haste often choose to shut down the DIY skate spots skateboarders create in their communities.
It’s our goal to show the value these inspired, creative, self-motivated and self-policing citizens bring to their communities through their DIY skate spots and help bridge the understanding gap that far too often results in the destruction of quality skate spots and the disenfranchisement of the youth involved with their creation.
We’re building case-studies now around DIY projects, if you have experiences good or bad, please contact us to share your story and help us create the ammunition we need to support the vital growth of DIY skateboarding.
Photos: Burnside – BOND, Channel Street – Matty Coles, Marginal Way – Joshua Monteith, Praça_Duó – confuzine.com, TBS – Sam Ashley, Washington Street – Alex Gagne

Pontus Alv’s DIY approach to skateboarding is something we can all aspire to. His company Polar Skate Co. just won the European Brand of the Year and Pontus took home Videographer of the Year at the Bright European Skateboard Awards. Check out the videos below for some insight on how Pontus created his own DIY skate paradise at TBS.