IASC | International Association of Skateboard Companies
Aflac Accident Insurance

For less than $500 a year per person*, you can protect your team riders, employees or yourself with the peace of mind that comes from knowing Aflac has your back in case of an accident.


The International Association of Skateboard Companies has teamed up with Aflac to bring you benefits that have never before been made available to our industry. This partnership gives IASC Members exclusive access to Aflac’s Accident program and offers a 22% savings compared to those who would access these plans on their own. This plan is available to all IASC members and can be extended to their immediate family.
To make this benefit widely available, we’ve set up and Individual category for IASC Membership so anyone that joins IASC is now eligible for the Aflac Accident Insurance benefit.
How Aflac Works
• Aflac pays CASH benefits directly to you, not the doctor or hospital.
• Aflac benefits can be used to pay co-pays, deductibles & other out of pocket medical expenses.
• Aflac benefits are designed to pay every day living expenses like rent or mortgage, groceries, utilities, car payments and more.
• Aflac plans are GUARANTEED renewable, meaning we will never cancel on you.
• Aflac policies are PORTABLE. Even if you change jobs, you can take it with you.
• Aflac has NEVER had a rate increase, so you know the cost in the future.
• Aflac pays 92% of our claims in 4 days, so you get the money when you need it most.
• Aflac has been named Ethisphere’s most ETHICAL Insurance Company 7 years in a row!
• Aflac policies can be extended to cover the whole FAMILY
Basic Policy Information
Accident Indemnity Advantage
• Covers you & your family 24/7
• At Work, Sports, School, Home and Commuting
• Pays $1,000 initial Hospitalization benefit
• Hospital Confinement benefit of $200 per day
• Additional benefits paid for the repair of your injury from $25 to $10,000 depending on the severity
• Wellness payout of $60 every 12 months for routine check ups
• And much, much more!