IASC | International Association of Skateboard Companies
Just One Board

Our mission is to collect used but functional skateboard equipment, refurbish and re-distribute it to underprivileged kids with the help of skateshops, community organizations, skateboard manufacturers and you.

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) and the Go Skateboarding Foundation (GSF) are proud to introduce Just One Board. Just One Board is a skateboard-recycling program created to benefit underprivileged youth, engage skateboarders with their local community, support skateboard retailers and serve as the base of a campaign promoting the positive power of skateboarding.

Beginning in 2012, IASC and the GSF will collect, refurbish and distribute 1000 complete skateboards to disadvantaged youth in a different city each year on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st. We kicked off our program in New Orleans and the response was incredible.

By collecting used skateboard equipment, refurbishing and distributing it with the help of local skateshops and youth organizations: used equipment is saved from becoming environmental waste, shops gain a direct opportunity to support their community, youth organizations can introduce healthy skateboarding activities into their programs and most importantly young people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity are given the chance to learn a new skill that gives them a healthy physical outlet and instills important character traits that last a lifetime.

Along with our marquee effort each GSD, Just One Board has partnered with I Ride I Recycle and IASC Member Companies to distribute collection bins to skateshops around the country in order to get the effort up and running in local communities year-round.

The idea behind Just One Board is simple, the cumulative effect of the program is powerful. Instead of millions of boards winding up in landfills every year, used skateboard equipment is being recycled into a community-building tool to effect positive change in cities all over the world.

For more information on how to get involved please visit justoneboard.org.